In Austria the school is accredited with the Ö-Cert certification.

Guiding principle 

  • The team of the School for Visceral Therapy offers a profound holistic medical education for physiotherapists and doctors.
  • The aim is to recognize lesion chains in the body, to understand and treat them using manual treatment techniques.
  • We offer a range of advanced training courses, which provide new methods for the holistic treatment of the human body.
  • It is of major importance to us that at the end of each course, participants are able to apply the newly learned techniques in their daily practice.




Core Values


  • Only physiotherapists and doctors (in some countries also professionals with other medical education) who have the legal right to use these manual treatment techniques are admitted to the courses taught in the School for Visceral Therapy.
  • All the instructors at the School for Visceral Therapy have an extensive professional training and teaching experience.


  • We are a team with a lot of expertise and experience.
  • Because of continuous trainings of all the teachers, our course concepts are always of cutting edge medical knowledge and methodology. Regular internal teacher and team meetings as well as feedback from participants and instructors contribute to our further development.

Course quality 

  • Each course has the maximum number of 28 participants and is led by one instructor and an assistant.
  • The most modern teaching methods and well-equipped classrooms create the foundation for the best and relaxed learning.
  • All study guides of the School for Visceral Therapy contain detailed descriptions and photos of each technique, anatomy and physiology and guarantee an effective sustainable learning. Study guides are constantly updated according to current knowledge and can be used as reference manuals for daily work, far into the future.
  • During the practical exercises the teacher and assistant supervise the participants individually. This ensures that all the techniques are performed correctly. Instructors closely oversee the learning process to teach the participants to apply the techniques at their highest quality. 

  • It is possible to take a specialized exam on Visceral Therapy in front of a committee. 


  • Appreciation, openness, team spirit and mutual support form the basis of our courses and our working atmosphere. Our course locations and classrooms have a special ambience to create optimal working conditions.


  • The current team of the School for Visceral Therapy consists of 4 teachers, 1 teacher-in-trainig, 18 assistants and 2 staff members in administrative support.