In Austria the school is accredited with the Ö-Cert certification.

David Oberegger

Assistant and course instructor in training at the School of Visceral Therapy

Born in 1992 in Salzburg, he lives and works in his hometown. Since 2019 he has been working as a self-employed physiotherapist.


Physical therapy is literally in David's cradle: After his grandmother and mother, he is the third generation of physiotherapists in the family. The training as a physiotherapist at the Chiemseeschule Zimmermann in Traunstein (graduated in 2016) only laid the foundation. Already during his time at the vocational school for physiotherapy, he started his coaching activities in the field of parcours and freerunning, which were later complemented by further education in the field of communication and coaching (2018), forming a perfect basis for his later activities as a teacher. After graduation, David's continuing education journey of physical therapy continued immediately. At the Chiemsee Academy, he first dedicated himself to Myofascial Techniques and in 2018 began attending the first courses at the School of Visceral Therapy. By the end of 2019, he attended all courses and successfully passed the exams. The professional stages ranged from the versatile internships in different clinics during the training period, to his work as an employed physiotherapist, to freelancing since 2019. Since 2020, he has also been working as a teacher for bodywork at the Schauspielakademie Salzburg. He has been assisting at the School for Visceral Therapy since the same year and is in training to become a course instructor there since 2021.


Just as he uses physiotherapy to set impulses for the self-healing of the body, David wants to set impulses as a teacher to trigger "aha experiences" and learning processes. The goal: to learn to understand the language of the body through feeling. Visceral therapy is ideally suited as a tool for real-time translation.