In Austria the school is accredited with the Ö-Cert certification.

Christoph Teufel

Teacher at the School for Visceral Therapy

Christoph Teufel was born in 1976 in Linz, Austria and has been living in Innsbruck since 2000. He is married and has 2 children.


In 1998 Christoph graduated with honours at the Academy of Physiotherapy in Steyr (Austria). Consequently he worked as a physiotherapist at the "Behindertendorf Altenhof" and at the state hospital "Hochzirl" in Tyrol. Since 2002 Christoph has been working freelance in his private practice in Innsbruck.

He completed all courses and successfully passed all exams for craniosacral therapy of John Upledger and visceral manipulation by Jean Pierre Barral. These trainings awakened his interest in complete-body connections and inspired him to look beyond the patient’s symptoms.

Christoph is qualified in osteopathic and manual treatments such as trigger point therapy, spinal mobilisation, strain counterstrain, nerve mobilisation, joint mobilisation, fascial distortion model. He has successfully completed courses on pregnancy, birth and infertility, diet according to TCM, and craniosacral therapy in pediatrics.

Between 2009 and 2012 Christoph worked as an Instructor of visceral manipulation at the Barral Institute Austria following several years of experience as a Teaching assistant in visceral manipulation at the same Institute.

Since 2013 Christoph has been teaching at the "School for Visceral Therapy and integrative manual treatment methods". His aspiration is to pass on the knowledge and experience of treatment in context with the logic and brilliance of the body. The use of theoretical know-how, skilful practical means of treatment and the pleasure of teaching makes it possible.