In Austria the school is accredited with the Ö-Cert certification.

Gudrun Höllebrand

Instructor at the School for Visceral Therapy

Gudrun Höllebrand was born in 1971 in Villach and lives with her partner and daughter in Tulln on the Danube.


After studying Biology and Psychology at the University of Vienna, Gudrun graduated in 1997 with distinction from the Academy of Physiotherapy at the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital in Vienna. Then, until 1999 she worked at the Rehabilitation Center in Liesing.
After giving birth to her daughter Gudrun worked with pregnant and postpartum woman at the Rudolfinerhaus Clinic and was a freelancer at Riedl-Adler Practice in Tulln.
In 2005, together with two colleagues she founded the therapy center "Therapy Team Tulln".
Soon after graduation, Gudrun began to further her professional development. Courses in Physiotherapy and AORT at the Vienna School of Osteopathy were followed by training in sports physiotherapy, Maitland, Schroth, McKenzie, and FDM methods, as well as gynecology, urology, taping and nutrition. She also took part in psychology seminars and supervisions.
Starting in 2006, the study of the field of Upleger’s craniosacral therapy began what lead Gudrun into J.P. Barral´s concept of Visceral Manipulations. With the founding of the School for Visceral Therapy, and through assisting in its courses Gudrun's interest and enthusiasm with this field greatly deepened as this new concept fits perfectly with her holistic approach to treatment.


For Gudrun Höllebrand, Visceral Therapy is not just another treatment concept but a completely new approach and a distinctive perspective on the diverse interactions that make up our bodies. Therefore, it is very important for her to pass on the knowledge and experience gained from many years of work with patients and the successful applications of visceral treatment techniques.



"Trying out something new is essential for any further development."
Gudrun Höllebrand